Wyoming Worm Wrangler

Location:  Laramie, WY, United States, 82070

Phone:  307-399-7431

Email:  wyowormwrangler@yahoo.com


I began composting with worms to reduce waste around my ranch. The worms compost faster then I could cold compost in Laramie making rich castings for my plants. I decided to start a business selling the worms and castings because people seemed interested in the product. I added angora rabbits to the worm business as worms love rabbit droppings. The more diversity of foodstuff I feed the worms the better the castings should be. Also angora rabbits do not need to be butchered for me to harvest the wool and that made these rabbits appealing to me. I have been hitching and braiding horsehair for over 10 years now. This business started when I lost my favorite horse and wanted to make something out of his hair. Once people learned I could do this I began getting orders for items made from their horse hair.

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