Antelope Gap Dream Berries and More,LLC

Location:  87 Anteloped Gap RD, Wheatland, 82201

Phone:  307-322-3389



We planted a mix of black berries, black, purple, red and yellow raspberries in the spring of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2013 we added Boysenberry which have yet to produce. In the spring of 2015 we added 10 Thimble berry plants to see how well they do in Wyoming We also planted a limited number of Aronia (choke berry) We added a high tunnel hoop house in 2011 to extend our growing season for the berries. We added chokecherries, sand cherries and Nanking cherries in the spring of 2011 and in 2012 elderberry and GOJI berry! For 2013 we have added additional varieties of raspberries and added three varieties of Boysenberry. Currently we have 13 varieties of red raspberries planted. We also produce and a variety of garden produce including summer and winter squash, a variety of melons and potatoes including sweet potatoes. If anyone is interested in horse radish root please contact as we do have several plants. As of August 10 most of our summer berries have completed their sysle and are now waiting on the fall bearing berries and black berries. Grasshoppers are plentiful this year which has taken a toll on the plants. with the late spring our berry season is a couple weeks later than normal. We may have the Goji berry if folks want some. In the fall we should have aronia and possibly elderberry as well. The garden was just planted and has yet to come up so like the berries things are slow. We should have products later to add to WYOFRESH as well as our local farmers market. Like many berry producers we are dealing with the spotted wing fruit fly which is not a good on to have.  A product line for Antelope Gap Dream Berries and More is our custom built, handcrafted “Old West Village” birdhouses or feeders with a “birdie” theme. Each structure is a replication of an old west building made from rough cut beetle kill pine from a local sawmill. the bird house/feeders are built to withstand our slight Wyoming breezes.

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