High Point Bison LLC

Location:  68810 WCR 111, Pine BLuffs, WY, 82082

Phone:  970-895-3303

Email:  hpbison@wigginstel.com


Our ranch was started in 1924 by Carl Klawonn, Glen’s grandfather. The ranch encompasses the tri state area of Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. The highest point of Nebraska located on the property. In 1994 we added buffalo to the ranch. We currently raise buffalo, beef cattle, wheat, and hay. We market all of our USDA inspected grass fed, grass finished natural bison and grass fed, grass finished, natural beef through local markets in the tri state area. We do not use anitbiotics, hormones, or steroids in our products. Our sausages and jerkies are gluten free, preservative free, pork free, and dairy free. www.highpointbison.com

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