Ed & Mary Meyer

Location:  60 Antelope Gap Rd, Wheatland, WY, USA, 82201

Phone:  307-322-8104

Email:  oscarnme@earthlink.net


The G2 Farm and Ranch was originally homesteaded in 1912 and purchased by Melvin and Rheda Short in 1927. The property operated as a hay and sheep farm in the 20’s and 30’s with a dairy added in the 1940’s.  Bill Gorman acquired the property in 1987 and along with his wife, Katherine, gutted and updated existing structures and landscaping. The Meyer family bought the property in 2012 (on its 100th anniversary) after Ed retired from 23+ years of active duty USAF service. In 2013, Ed and Mary obtained the G2 brand which became symbolic for them and their children as a way to live their lives; “God’s Gift by God’s Grace to God’s Glory”.  This homestead  is  a family owned/operated farm and ranch where all products are home grown, raised, or homemade.  Our entire family does its best to care for, preserve, and maintain what we have been entrusted with by God.  Tours available upon request.  Thank you for visiting our profile; we appreciate your business.  Blessings, Ed – Mary – Marissa – James

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