Alice's Soap Pantry LLC

Location:  2817 East A ST, Torrington, 82

Phone:  3075320506



Our soaps & candles are made out of our home. My recipe for soap is my Grandma’s Alice’s she is no longer with us. She passed away at the age of 85. This is the same recipe used by her mother. It’s been passed down for generations. My Grandma was originally from Arkansas. In the south, folks have their own way for doing things and my method of making soap is just one of them. The meaning of cold processed is to age or cure. We age our soaps 4-6 weeks before we package and send to market. We started our business idea in January 2015. Our 1st bar of soap hit the shelves August 5, 2015. Since that time our soap and candles business has really taken off.

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