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  • Section 1: Credentials and Privacy

  • Section 2: General Producer Information

  • List keywords like lettuce, berries, buffalo, soap, etc.
  • Use this space to describe your business, you, how you got started, etc.
  • Use this space to outline ingredients if relevant.
  • Use this space to describe your standards and practices. For example, if you use all natural products, etc.
  • Use this space for anything that is not covered in these other sections.
  • Use this section for notes that are relevant to the current month.
  • Section 3: Production Specifics – Producer Questionnaire

  • List the types of products you intend to sell through Triple Crown Commodities Cooperative (e.g. meats, grains, jellies, crafts; also note if you have any heritage breeds).
  • Describe your farming, processing and/or crafting practices.
  • Describe your pest and disease management system.
  • Describe your herd health and productivity management (i.e. do you use any hormones, antibiotics, and/or steroids).
  • Describe your feeding practices – grass-fed only, free-range, feed-lot, etc.
  • Describe your soil and nutrient management. Do you compost, use fertilizers, green manures or animal manures?
  • Describe your water usage practices. If you irrigate, describe how (e.g. deep well, surface water, etc.), and explain how you conserve water or use best management practices. Describe how you are protecting your water source from contamination/erosion.
  • Describe your conservation/land stewardship practices. E.g. do you plant windbreaks, maintain grass waterways, riparian buffers, use green manures for wind erosion, plant habitats for birds, improve soil quality, etc.
  • Describe any additional information and/or sustainable practices about your operation that would be helpful to a potential customer in understanding your farm or operation better (e.g. if you are raising any heritage animals you might list breeds or list varieties of heirloom seeds. List the percentage of local ingredients in your processed items).
  • Section 4: Certifications

  • List your food liability insurance coverage, both general and product-related, as well as any licenses and tests that you have available. (if applicable). As this is required to market products through the cooperative, you will be required to provide copies of the above when you receive confirmation of approval by Triple Crown Commodities Cooperative.
  • List which products you are selling as organic.
  • List organic certifying agency’s name and address.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, gif, png, doc, docx.
  • Section 5: Terms and Agreement

  • I affirm that all statements made about my farm and products in this application are true, correct and complete and I have given a truthful representation of my operation, practices, and origin of products. I understand that if questions arise about my operation I may be inspected (unannounced) by Triple Crown Commodities Cooperative. If I stated my operation is organic, then I am complying with the National Organic Program and will provide upon request a copy of my certification. I have read all of Triple Crown Commodities Cooperative’s terms of service and fully understand and am willing to comply with them.
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