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Buy direct from your local farmers, ranchers, bakers, and makers through WyoFresh – your Southeast Wyoming Online Farmers Market.

Here’s How WyoFresh Works!


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Our Story

Welcome to your farmers market.

Started in 2010 as a pilot project, WyoFresh is an Online Farmers Market that grew into a member owned co-op in 2012. We are a community united in our support of fresh and local foods and goods.

Our producers are committed to selling quality, locally made items. Each producer is required to sign a standards agreement that says in part – producers may only sell products they themselves have grown or processed. No member can buy wholesale from any other source and list as a retail item through WyoFresh. The only exception is when buying ingredients for the creation of a value-added product or processed foods.

Value must be added to the product by the producer; simply repackaging the ingredients is not adding value. For example, producers can sell tomatoes that they grow, but not tomatoes that they purchase to re-sell. They can, however, buy tomatoes from someone and make salsa in a certified kitchen and sell that through the Cooperative. They can’t buy an animal from someone else, and then have it butchered and sold through the Cooperative as though it was their own product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a part of the coop?

Farmers, ranchers, and niche market entrepreneurs and consumers may join the cooperative and be buyers, sellers or both. Co-op voting members will operate the co-op.

What is a producer?

A producer is a farmer, rancher, baker, artisan, or anyone else who sells their local goods through WyoFresh.

What is a member?

A member is a consumer who has purchased any level of membership to be able to make purchases through WyoFresh.

Members at the Regular Membership level are considered co-op owners who have voting rights.

Join Today!

As a consumer, why should I join the co-op?
  • Access to a reasonably priced, wide variety of safe, fresh, frozen, and processed food and non-food products grown and/or produced in southeastern Wyoming, western Nebraska and northern Colorado.
  • Shop product offerings, such as meat, from multiple producers to compare prices, types, and the production practices used by each producer to find a product that meets your needs.
  • Access to this wonderful line-up of products without ever having to leave your home or community if you choose.
  • Access to fresher, higher quality food.
  • Know the people who produce your food.
  • Increase the awareness, availability, and quality of local food.
As a producer, why should I join the co-op?
  • Create an identity in a new market, thus adding new sources of revenue into your business.
  • Set your own prices.
  • Benefit from the marketing activities of the WyoFresh Online Farmer’s Market.
  • Reduce the time and cost of marketing and distributing your products to consumers.
  • Work alongside other area consumers and other producers to increase awareness, availability and quality of local food.
  • Directly contribute to the economic growth of your community.
What area will the co-op serve?

The co-op serves southeast Wyoming and western Nebraska. The delivery sites are located in Cheyenne, Laramie, Torrington and Wheatland.

Pickup Information

What kind of food and/or products will be sold?

A wide variety of food and niche non-food items will be offered through the cooperative. The food will often be higher in quality and freshness. While many products will be offered each order cycle, others may be offered by availability and seasonality.

How will ordering and delivery take place through the cooperative?

The cooperative will primarily use a web-based ordering system and deliver food using a network of pickup locations in southeast Wyoming.

What is the membership fee for the cooperative?

Memberships are offered at three different levels and price offerings. Please visit Become A Member to learn more and purchase a WyoFresh membership.

What is the cooperative percentage for all sales?

Consumers are assessed a 10% delivery and handling fee per order. Producers pay a 12% delivery handling fee on products sold.